2024 CFP: Philosophy in a Digital World

What is the impact of digitalization on philosophy? Are our epistemologies, moral theories, and
conceptions of human flourishing challenged and changed by the new digital worlds? How can we
describe and think about social and aesthetic experiences mediated by digital technologies? Are such
experiences to be examined with regard to their data trail and the multifaceted layers of more or less
conscious intent in construction of the webpages? Or may we continue to analyze digitally mediated
human social life as it unfolds only from a user perspective? Can our assumptions about political
justice remain the same in a society in which decisions concerning citizens’ rights and duties are
taken over by AI-systems? And how are we to think about national and international institutions in a
global society where Big Tech seems to have amassed political power comparable to nation states?

We encourage contributions on the role of philosophy in comprehending the new digital worlds –
these can focus on a specific digital technology and its implementation or on broader questions.