General Call for Papers

Call for papers for Danish Yearbook of Philosophy

Submissions of manuscripts are invited for Danish Yearbook of Philosophy (DYP).

The Danish Yearbook of Philosophy is a peer-reviewed journal published annually for the Danish Philosophical Association. Reflecting the broad interpretation of philosophy institutionalized at Danish Universities, the Yearbook aims to cover a broad ground in relation to philosophical schools, styles and traditions. The journal publishes in English, German and French.

The Danish Yearbook of Philosophy was founded in 1964 to stimulate the professional interaction between Danish philosophers and their international colleagues. The journal now has a broad focus and welcomes all submissions of general philosophical interest.

Still DYP has as its particular mission the publication of articles of a high international standard relating to Danish academic philosophy in at least one of the following senses:

1.) The theme or subject of the contribution is a Danish philosopher or a school of philosophy that has, or has had, a significant representation in Denmark.

2.) The activity behind the contribution is linked to Denmark, typically in the form of a presentation originally delivered in Denmark, e.g. as a keynote address, an invited guest lecture, a contribution to a seminar etc.

3.) The author of the contribution is a Danish philosopher, a philosopher based in Denmark, or connected to Denmark in some other way.

The Yearbook may dedicate a section or a whole issue to a specific theme. Prospective guest editors are encouraged to write to the Editor-in-Chief.

The journal publishes contributions in English, German and French, and within all areas of philosophy.

Articles should normally not exceed 20 pages of 400 words, i.e. 8000 words. Articles exceeding this limit may be accepted, however, if it is considered that their length is appropriate to their topic, and if they are found to be of sufficiently high quality.

Article manuscripts submitted to the journal must be refereed by a qualified international reviewer. Upon submission, please suggest three possibilities and provide links to their institutional homepages.

Reviews of books in English, German and French by Danish philosophers, or philosophers with strong ties to Denmark, are welcomed. They should normally not exceed 750 words.

Further information and guidelines for submission at the Yearbook's homepage at Brill ».

Finn Collin,
Editor-in-chief of Danish Yearbook of Philosophy

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